Mental Health

Don is an accredited Mental health Social Worker with the AASW and has demonstrated that he has the skills, experience and training to work on a range of mental health issues that include; stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss. Don is a registered provider with Medicare and can offer some Rebates to clients who have a Mental Health Care Plan from a Doctor under the Better Outcomes for Mental Health Initiative.

A Mental Health Care Plan can have up to 6, or a maximum of 10 appointments in a 12 month calendar year period (ie Jan to Dec)Don will provide a Bulk Billing service to clients who are on benefits and have no other source of income.

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Relationship Counselling

Relationship issues are indeed complex and exist in every aspect of a person’s life from birth to death and Don considers that many issues that come to counsellors is those relationships have broken down whether they have been with children their friends, brothers and sisters, teachers and family. Adults struggles with communication, intimacy, sex, internet affairs and infidelity, losing trust, facing emotions relating to betrayal and abandonment that lead to relationship breakdown. There is also significant grief and loss through these events and others related to physical death and separation.

Other life issues can include various forms of violence, abuse, power and control issues as one partner seeks to control the other through inappropriate means often through fear and anxiety of losing the relationship. Stress, conflict and anxiety can occur in all of these situations as well as workplace stressors, financial pressures and men and women own personal journey of their lives.

Clients can expect that Don has had specialist training in this complex field of individual and couple therapy and has the skills and experience to assist clients with their concerns.

Child, Adolescent & Family issues

This area of early childhood development, adolescence and family issues is another specialist area that Don has specialist training, skills and experience in.

Don has specialist training, skills and expertise in childhood and adolescent development, attachment and family therapy where counsellors often sees the child as a window the family system and wider problems that may be occurring than the presenting concern of the children. Often when children are stressed the family can be going through many difficulties of their own.

Children face many pressures in this modern world and they need a secure and safe environment to thrive in. Children will have issues growing up with family, friends, school, teachers, education and learning, bullying and developing social skills.

Adolescents have a confusing time with identity, (who am I) physical body development, change, acceptance by peers, needing to assert and develop themselves as young adults , separate from the umbilical cord of their parents and take life threatening risks with drugs, sex, cars and alcohol. Relationship emotions are heightened as they explore the pleasures of life and crash when they breakdown.

The task of therapy is help to build strength, courage and resilience as they develop new skills to cope with life challenges.

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Don is an accredited counsellor with the Department of Veteran Affairs and can provide counselling services to veterans, their children and families referred by the Department. Don has had specialist training to work with veterans in the areas of PTSD, anxiety, depression, alcohol use and addictions. Veterans have experiences significant war trauma that has affected them and their families for many years. Family violence, breakdown, nightmares, inability to cope with everyday life and suicide are common factors resulting in broken relationships with partners and children not coping with the veterans behaviour.

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Aged Care

Aged Care can be a difficult time for the elderly, their families and their carers as difficulties arise in the ageing process with illness, lack of mobility, needing full time care, dementia, and transitioning from home to hospital, to possibly a residual facility.

Don can provide skills of mediation, advocacy and counselling assistance for individuals and their families in this time of change, declining health and transition into care. Don can assist with the grief and loss issues that come with this change, possible family conflict and adjustment for the elderly to their new home environment. Don can also assist the elderly with maintaining positive mental health with chronic diseases they may have.

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Don is an experienced practitioner working with vulnerable people of all ages who have a physical and intellectual disability and is a registered provider with NDIS.

Chronic illness and Pain

Chronic illness and Pain management are ongoing issues for many that causes a great deal of discomfort, distress and anxiety associated with challenges that can arise with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, asthma and arthritis that affect individuals, their families and their carers especially with life threatening or life changing diagnosis. Don has skills and experience in assisting individuals through the process of managing pain, discomfort, trauma and distress that can occur with chronic illness and pain.

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Organisation and Workplace issues

Don had a previous career of 20 years in the Transport Industry (Rail) and gained his first degree in Business with the emphasis on Human Resource Management and Transport Operations. In this career he completed training and experience in organizational management, operations, industrial relations and occupational health and safety.

These skills coupled with his training in Social Work, therapy and organisational management issues he worked with as a senior manager and clinician in the Health industry has provided Don with the skills and experience to offer clients assistance with workplace issues such as bullying, staff conflict and organizational change. Don is currently registered as an Associate with several organisations who he provides counselling through their Employee Assistance Programs to staff and families.

Supervision, Education & Training

Don is an experienced educator and supervisor and is able to offer other colleagues clinical supervision.


Don is interested in the concept of Spirituality and has undertaken studies and training in this area for his professional and personal use. Counsellors in their training and professional development are exploring more the concept of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, prayer, religion and the client’s meaning for the term “soul” and how client's belief systems use these and similar resources to help them cope in times of severe distress. The goal being strength, courage, resilience in the face of adversity to help them develop, Peace, Healing and Wellness from Within.